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(my note: Looking at the STANDARD FEATURES, maybe you can understand the difference in base price from the competition)

Tundra has already won the following awards:
* The Most Significant New Vehicle of
* Tow Vehicle of the Year Trailer Boat Magazine
* Most Accessory Friendly Truck of the Year SEMA

You can expect the first Tundras to begin shipping to Dealers the week of February 5.
The 2007 Tundra’s impressive list of standard features includes:
* Standard towing equipment on all V8 models
* The biggest box in the class, with lift and lower tailgate assist
* The most comprehensive standard safety equipment lineup in the class, including seat side airbags, rollsensing curtain airbags and the STAR Safety System (ABS, EBD, Brake Assist, and VSC+TRAC).
* The biggest and most sophisticated brakes in the class featuring 13.9 in front rotors, 4 piston calipers, and wheel ABS.
(* not listed in the memo, but Limited Slip rear is also standard).

..class leading capability and performance:
* The most powerful engine of any truck in its class on the market today (5.7L Dual Independent VVTi
with 381HP and 401 ft lbs of torque)
* The highest standard towing capacity of any truck in its class (10,800 lbs on the 4x2 Regular Cab 5.7L).
* The fastest truck (060 mph) in its class—whether empty, with 1,200 lbs of payload in the bed, or towing an 8,500 lb. trailer behind it.

With all new standards in terms of content and capability, the 2007 Tundra will have a starting at price of $22,290 for the Regular Cab Standard Bed V6 (model 8202), tremendous value when compared to similarly equipped competitive models.

The most popular Double Cab model—the 5.7L SR5 4x2 Standard Bed (model 8242) —features an MSRP of $28,110. Popular equipment includes AM/FM 6 CD, Bucket Seats, and the TRD Offroad Package. Compared to similarly equipped models, it is $515 lessthan the F150 Super Cab XLT, $2,320 less than the Silverado Extended Cab LT2, and an incredible $4,365 less than the Ram Quad Cab 1500 SLT.

The Tundra commands an incredible value compared to the F150. The Tundra engine produces over 80 more hp and better fuel economy, and can tow 1,100 lbs more than the F150. The towing equipment standard on the Tundra is an option on the F150, as are 18” wheels, dual zone climate control, seat side airbags and side curtain airbags.

The value story gets even better with the Tundra CrewMax. The most popular CrewMax model is the 5.7L SR5 4x4 (model 8362) with an MSRP of $33,985. Popular equipment includes 18” Alloys, AM / FM CD, Moonroof, Backup Camera and Bucket Seats. On similarly equipped basis, the F150 Super Crew XLT is priced only $225 lower, while the Silverado Crew Cab LT2 is $1,975 higher, and the Ram MegaCab even more than that, at $3,270 higher.

Tundra lists dual zone air conditioning, towing equipment, tailgate assist, side curtain airbags and 4wheel disc brakes as standard equipment—all of which are optional on the Silverado. The Tundra also features segmentfirst backup camera, the segment’s only power vertical rear window, the segment’s only slide and recline rear seat, and segment leading 44.5”—nearly 4 feet—of rear seat legroom.

4x2 Regular Cab MSRP

8202 V6 4.0L: 5ECT $22,290
8204 V6 Long Bed 4.0L: 5ECT $22,620
8222 V8 4.7L: 5ECT $23,430
8224 V8 5.7L: 6ECT $24,380
8226 V8 Long Bed 4.7L: 5ECT $23,760
8228 V8 Long Bed 5.7L: 6ECT $24,710

4x4 Regular Cab MSRP

8322 V8 4.7L: 5ECT $26,480
8324 V8 5.7L: 6ECT $27,440
8326 V8 Long Bed 4.7L: 5ECT $26,810
8328 V8 Long Bed 5.7L: 6ECT $27,770

4x2 Double Cab MSRP

8216 SR5 V6 4.0L: 5ECT $26,105
8240 SR5 V8 4.7L: 5ECT $26,850
8242 SR5 V8 5.7L: 6ECT $28,110
8244 SR5 V8 Long Bed 4.7L: 5ECT $27,180
8246 SR5 V8 Long Bed 5.7L: 6ECT $28,440
8250 LTD V8 4.7L: 5ECT $34,240
8252 LTD V8 5.7L: 6ECT $35,490

4x4 Double Cab MSRP

8340 SR5 V8 4.7L: 5ECT $29,900
8342 SR5 V8 5.7L: 6ECT $31,160
8344 SR5 V8 Long Bed 4.7L: 5ECT $30,230
8346 SR5 V8 Long Bed 5.7L: 6ECT $31,490
8350 LTD V8 4.7L: 5ECT $37,290
8352 LTD V8 5.7L: 6ECT $38,550

4x2 CrewMax MSRP

8260 SR5 V8 4.7L: 5ECT $29,675
8262 SR5 V8 5.7L: 6ECT $30,935
8270 LTD V8 4.7L: 5ECT $37,540
8272 LTD V8 5.7L: 6ECT $38,790

4x4 CrewMax MSRP

8360 SR5 V8 4.7L: 5ECT $32,725
8362 SR5 V8 5.7L: 6ECT $33,985
8370 LTD V8 4.7L: 5ECT $40,590
8372 LTD V8 5.7L: 6ECT $41,850
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