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Tundra steering rack bushings

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My 2001 Tundra was wandering down the road, drifting left and right.
The steering rack bushing were allowing the rack to move way more
than I though right.

Energy Suspension has a urethane bushing kit, number 8.10101 or
something similar, listed for 1999 & 2000 Tundras that fits all
years to the best of my knowledge, about $18. I think this kit is
relabeled by Total Chaos and sold by Wheeler's Off Road and others,
about $28.

Anyway, after installing the kit and getting the alignment set...+2°
or more caster is VERY important, the truck handles great.
Changing the bushings seems to change only the toe-in, but it never
hurts to check things with a 4-wheel thrust alignment. Toyota's
caster spec is way too wide...from +0.6° to +2.1°; the truck can be
"within spec" and handle like a pig.

Toyota sells a replacement bushing for the far right bushing, but
for the bushings in the rack itself they will only sell a complete
new rack!

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I am having a nightmare of a time with my 2004 4wd and the steering . It will not align, squeaks going down the road and around corners. Will not come back to center on it's own. I had an upper ball joint break and then replaced all 4 ball joints , ties rod ends and the sway bar links and bushings. It seemed worse after the alignment and after $1000 plus trying this and that from suggestions I replaced the upper ball joints again and used oem parts. It barely fixed the problem and the last attempt I guess will b the lower control arm bushings. I feel like this is a red headed step child to the Toyota family. I have had many Toyotas and currently I have 2 Tundra. This one refuses to live up to the indestructible and reliable pick up. Anyone else experience anything like this ?
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