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you can put sefoam in the brake booster? where else can you use seafoam??????

i read on another thread here that using seafoam in your trans to clean it or something before you change the oil

would this really work?

use some seafoam the other day to clean a TB and it worked great!!
i used BG products before

nodrogkam said:
instructions are on the bottle of seafoam.

LOL after using seafoam through the brake booster and crank case you should change the plugs as they may get coated in carbon.

so basically a major tuneup consists of air filter, plugs, check/flush fluids, and just an overall inspection of everything. Maybe change the timing belt/accessory belts/waterpump and seals.

check the toyotaowners site, enter your mileage and you'll know what you need to do.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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