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Proud new owner of a 96 AE101 5spd with 4A-FE :D Great commuter car, economical without being a bore to drive. Got it with 108K on it and it's got about 110 now. As the subject suggests, I'm looking to give it a tune up for economy and throttle response. Oil change is coming soon and along with it:

- K&N replacement air filter,
- spark plugs (there's been a lot of debate on this - can anyone recommend one? Platinums arent the best for economy AFAIK)

and most likely a fuel filter and maybe wheel balancing as well when I get new tires. Some people also recommend dist. rotor and cap replacement... nessecary in this case?

I'm getting 31-34 mpg depending on how I drive (gotta lay off the high revs and quick shifts damnit :p: ), looking to push that to mid to high 30's or beyond, depending on what I can do with it.

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Just get everything OEM from toyota. Those were designed with economy in mind. But that wont really increase throttle response, since increasing on that area would have a negative effect on economy.
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