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Turbo! Corona!

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Mate of mine has a 1982 Toyota Corona, now, the engine is a M-TEU

which is a 2.0L stright-6 injected turbo engine, pretty good for a 1982 eh :p

car has power steering, air con, electric windows, WICKED interior, is auto... runs god damn good.

anyway, we found out his turbo isnt... working :S so we thought, yeh bro, well fix it! took the turbo inlet off, and whamo! theres no compressor blades... shit bro... no blades...

so we headed downstairs to the *workshop* lol, (mates garage), found a M 10 turbo down there (excactly same as the coronas turbo, cept had a big crack on the exhaust side snail.), and ended up grinding the snail off the inlet of the turbo, and removing the blades.. back upstairs we ran, to the car we did!

for the next 20-30 seconds we were like *Duhh...... shit*... as we noticed, theres no god damn propella shaft!!! we cant mount the god damn blades to anything.

so ok... ok... think think guys....

its an AiResearch M10 Turbo...

A) what will fit in this hole... we are gonna replace the hole turbo, so only an M10 replacement? or anything else?
B) we have been offered a 1ge engine, for $200 ($100 US) 2.0L sohc non turbo auto (his is auto), think we should just go for this?

bascally, will a late model supra turbo fit? without much work?anything else you guys can think of?