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Turbo Cressida

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Has anyone got or does anyone know of any turbo Toyota Cressida's? I've heard around the place that you can get a supra manifold to fit and therefore turbo the stock engine, but I was thinking more along the lines of swapping the engine for the twin turbo Supra engine.. Anyone done the swap successfully? And what kind of times do you run?
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7mge in cressidas is the same as the mkIII supra turbo engine. so yes it is possible to turbo them. if you read up on the cressida forums, i believe youll find that the general belief there is to go with the 1jzgte for the 1jz all-motor. there is even a vid around this forum of a guy with 1jzgte cressida smoking a mustang i think. i dont know much about the cressida... all i know is that its got mad potential in many different ways.
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