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i love little 'luxy
1980 Hilux
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I want to turbo my 1980 model hilux. It has an L series diesel motor. Does anyone know where i can get a kit from?

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These are 3 Australian Toyota used parts suppliers and junk/bone/wrecking/salvage/recycling/dismantling/scrap yards:

The links below have everything you ever wanted to know about Toyota diesel & biodiesel pickups:

The way the price of gasoline (petrol for Australians) is going I suggest that everyone convert their Toyotas to diesel as they are more:

fuel efficient
higher torque
can idle all day long
less overheat episodes
can burn bio diesel or vegetable oil (without glycerin)

Well to help everyone dismiss the myth that Toyota diesel pickups & SUV's are rare in USA & Canada I have included below a list of very resourcefull links that contain places to buy diesel engines/parts and complete rigs.

Toyota diesel engines models: 2L's, 2L-T's, 3L's and 5L ‘s for sale in the greater Los Angeles area:

Engine Trend Inc
4515 S.Soto Street
Los Angeles,CA 90058
Ph:(323) 589-2844

Spector Offroad
21600 Nordhoff St
Chatsworth,CA 91311
Ph:(818) 882-1238

Reseda Engines in Northridge
8644 Darby Ave
Northridge,CA 91325
Ph:(818) 349-7472

Jarco USA
194 Gateway Dr
Canton,Georgia 30115
Ph:(770) 479-4942
Fax:(770) 479-4948
Operator:James Stettler
E-mail:[email protected]
E-mail:p[email protected]
E-mail:[email protected]
E-mail:[email protected] For Japanese imported diesel Toyota SUV's & pickup trucks: These are 11 Toyota DIESEL 4-Runner/pickup discussion sites: Pickup Trucks This is a great video from Top Gear featuring a 1985 Toyota 2L Hilux diesel that is put through some astonishing torture tests in an attempt to "break it". Windows Media 51.3mb - 20mins 28secs running time Gear Toyota Hilux - Unbreakable.wmv hilux Sidney® ™ Repairs tv's,vcr's,home/car audio out of my home E-mail:[email protected] Dartmouth,Nova Scotia Canada 1985 Toyota 4-Runner,solid front straight axle,factory cruise control,sunroof,22R-E,W56,RN60LV-MSEK,rusted rear step/towing chrome bumper with 247 000 KM
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