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Turbo installation Need Help

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I have a 1997 Toyota RAV4. I bought a Garrett T3. .42/.48 A/R. I kn ow, it is a street turbo. But it is better then reading a Honda license plate. So, I only have the manifold, Turbo T3 and the exhaust tube. What else do I need to get some more horses? Intercooler, No, not with this little snale. Doesn't fit. What else?

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i would have said IC... but since you said no. then no.

It's wise to put an IC on becuase of detonation possibilities. Plus the only way you will really get more HP is if you either take in more air (ie bigger turbo/ intake) , cooler air (ie IC), more fuel larger injectors or better fuel pump.

now.. all this is in consideration that the a/f ratio has to be watched, becuase you don't want too much air or too much fuel.

the only thing i can see now is to get the air cooler going into the TB..... then mess with the fuel and air ratios.

good luck
You'll need an adapter plate to bolt the turbo to the manifold, some sort of fuel management, boost control, all custom intake and exhaust pipes, boost gauge, egt gauge... etc. You have most of the stuff left to buy. Get going on research, man! Buy a few books and start reading (I recommend Maximum Boost by Corky Bell)

CamNub said:
Can the stock internals handle it w/o IC?
It depends on how much boost he runs...
If you plan on running over 5 or 6psi... you better get an intercooler. You can pickup a cheap mr2 or celica one.
OK, guys, the Intercooler is a GO! I have the manifold, the Turbo, and the exhaust pipe.

Which Throttle Body can be used instead of the RAV4s 3SFE?
I also have a ported head, should I use it?
Who sells an adequate intercooler for the RAV4? Better yet, what size should it be?
Post any link that might help. I see a lot of people here have good knowledge of what I want.

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The manifold there looks like a T3 fitment, which is a good start. Starting with the questions:

Throttle body...Why? You won't find a need for anything that flows more. If you do make it to that point one time, you'll have a more pressing motor need...

Head...if you have a ported one, use it. Not really worth the money if you didn't. Again, see the pressing engine need above should you run that kind of boost.

Intercooler...I've never looked for a RAV4 one before. Check the net of course, but I'd be tempted to look for a used Celica air to water unit. Compact, effective and fine with the little pressure you will run it should work fine. With the others, no need for more flow than it can handle. Motor go boom long before.

Appears you have oil lines from the pic, so you should be fine there if you put them on alright.

Downpipe appears to be there as well...if not, an exhaust custom shop can make one for you for a couple of hundred.

plumbing: you'll need either mandrel bent aluminum pipes or, silicone elbows and straight sections of pipe to get the intake air into and out of the turbo. Pressure is low wnough that silicones should not pose a performance problem, and with T bolt clamps will stay put. Remember that the mass airflow sensor has to go pre turbo. Most don't like pressure!

That's all I can think of right now...that and I'm late for dinner out this evening :) Women before turbos...sometimes...
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Thanks Bob, excellent information.

Let me tell you whay I already have installed in my RAV4. I have; TRD Muffler, TRD Thermostat, TRD Radiator Cap. HKS Ground Kit, Performance Intake.

The rest, here goes; TRD Springs, Bilstien Shocks, TRD Front Anti-Sway Bar, TRD Quickshift, Yokohama AVID, Addcco Rear Anti-sway bar. MSD 6A, Blaster SS, MSD Tach Adapter [Non of MSD stuff installed, because I don't know how. MSD didn't FAX Diagramas they promisted]. ZOOM Clutch [not installed] 2.25 Catalitic converter, 2.25 Resonator, Oil Cooler, Transaxle Cooler among other stuff.

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I recommend air water in this application as A) they're not too hard to get, and B) Most vehicles not made for air to air have a hell of a time finding room for all the tubing. Air water only needs a couple 3/4" hoses to get out of the bay to a radiator. Granted, more complex, and slightly more expensive, but far easier and cleaner for most to mount. Heck, I'm planning to go air water on the Supra, to make life easier, and it has provisions for air to air.

Regarding boost, I'm going with just 6 lbs. Just a very cool streetable amount. What I'm worried is the electrtonic engine managment. Which will be the best for my aplication?
The intercooler will be another problem. I saw this intercooler. This is a water to air intercooler. Of course this would be the pefect solution, but it's sold in a kit. But does anyone know who can make an intercooler like this one?
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looks similar to the celica all track intercooler.
i dont know if anyone has sed this yet, but go to forums and go to 90-95 mr2 hybreds and they have a section just for the 5sftes, and it will say everything that u need to run safely. u still need to get alot of things like fuelpump, ems, bov, injectors, map sensor, and i would sugest getting a thicker metal head gasket
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