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For Sale pictures by heyzeus2003 - Photobucket

I've given up on my V6 swap. Primarily because I've lost interest in the swap. I've been working on it since 2006... gathering parts and what not. I don't want to spend anymore time and money on this project. I sort of blame my motorcycle accident from last year for this, as that was my biggest set back from finishing my swap last year and this year. Additionally, I wasn't in a rush to do a swap before because my 5s was working fine... now it's spewing oil and my red oil idiot light has been flashing. I don't want to fix the 5s, so I've decided to just get a turbo clip and call it a year with the car. That is, once I sell everything.

Also, please note, PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING and only the items that are pictured or listed below are for sale... so please don't ask for parts that you don't see listed here or in my album.

LSD AXLES - bought them from 93turbonc - $300
91 TURBO Hubs/knuckles - bought them from MillerB - $300
I found another set of hubs/knuckles.... a bit beat up (pictured currently) - SOLD
Fidanza Light Flywheel 130881 - bought from boobala -SOLD
Exedy Clutch OEM replacement - Ebay - $100 *will get part number later
350Z OEM Muffler complete or just the muffler - $100
Spare 3vz Intake Manifold - $20

NA MR2 cluster with the 3VZ V6 tach internals installed in it - $100
3vz Starter- $35

***For now I'm going to try and sell the motor as a whole so I wont part out until I see no interest for the whole motor. Once I get it back together I'm looking for $800 shipped.

-1993 3vz-fe (automatic) engine 150K Mi
All new OEM parts replaced:
New T-belt & Tensionners
New Water Pump
New Oil Pump
NGK Platinum Plugs
New cap & rotor
Head was checked, decked & cleaned by P&L Motorsports
New OEM headgaskets installed.
Been on stand since 2006!

Will sell everything I have for $2200 plus shipping.

Will sell Tranmission, Axles & Hubs for $1500 plus shipping. Will not be an option once one of these pieces sells.

TRD Motor Mounts (for 3sge iirc) - $75 SOLD!!!
Custom Passenger side Motor Mount for 3vz (from Weasy in Canada) - $130 FIRM SOLD!!!
3VZ-FE M/T ECU - $100 FIRM SOLD!!!
please note I'm selling everything as-is! I never got the swap completed, so I never tested the parts myself.

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Please don't forget as per forum rules:
1. Please post location (city/state/province/country) in the topic REGARDLESS of it being on your personal information under your avatar.
Sorry to hear about your bike accident and the set back it caused you. The V6 swap can be awsome.
Thanks and good luck with your sale.

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Hey man...I live nearby you. Well any of this stuff still available? I just bought an MR2 with 1MZFE swap in progress.

I can use a few of your parts, have cash & can pick them up from you locally. Please let me know. Thanks

I can also be emailed at [email protected] since I'm not on here as much. Thanks
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