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turbo or supercharge 7A-FE

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what is everybody's opinion on turbo or supercharging a 7A-FE? I'm not too keen on the meaning of boost and what it does, any explanations? I've got stock internals, and i'm thinking of gettting one of those turbonator vortex generators. any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
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do some reasearch... those vortex things are useless, dont waste your money.

True boost is presurizing the intake side of the engine to push more air/fuel into the combustion chamber.

generally supercharging will give you power down low in the RPM while a turbo will give you gains up high in the RPM

There are a few turbo kits out there if you look, never seen a supercharger kit.

Personally id love to see a supercharged 7A-FE. I have some plans that might make me the first but that will still be a ways off
turbo can also give power at low rpm and supercharger at high, its just a matter of supercharger choice and turbo choice. Its really up to you, both are fun, SC might be slightly easier and the toyota SC14's can be had quite cheap as can Mini Cooper S superchargers on Ebay. Turbos can run for alot, unless you go for those POS Turbo ZY, Stone mountain racing, SSautochrome crap ones.
My turbo is a garrett (airesearch) Saab 9000 stock turbo, its not the biggest one around, but it should be quite nice for my needs, plus I only paid 30 bucks for it.
turbonators... :rofl: :burnout: :giggle:
REN69 said:
turbonators... :rofl: :burnout: :giggle:
hahaha, what's that spposed to mean? are they a POS? i took a guess that they basically do the same thinig as a throttle body spacer, and i guess also that they can't do anything bad to a car. But it would be kinda fun i think just to throw one in and see what it does. i mean 60 bucks really ain't no thing. but anyways, i just thought it might be a little fun if not funny to get one. but we'll see.

P.S. I'm looking for more low to mid-range power, so what products could give me that?
Cams, supercharger, turbocharger. Take your pick.
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