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turbo project question

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I have a 92 celica gts, and im hoping to turbo it. I have turbo off a stock mr2 turbo but i do not have a turbo exhaust manifold. I recently found one at a junk yard from a 94 mr2 turbo and was wondering if that exhaust manifold would bolt right up to my engine. if not, what type of manifold could i use without buying some aftermarket one. even if i could swap manifolds, what other model years could i look at?

THis is a unrelated question, but i heard a MAP sensor is very important when turbo'ing a car. why is that, and how do you incorperate that into a celica gts?
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excuse my lack of knowledge of celicas but what motor do you have ???
i belive the celica has the 3s-ge engine so what he trying to make is the 3s-gte. this i learn from autotrader .... but i'm not sure on the mr2 engine. if you knew the engine codes the s series had interchangeable headers with in reason, and the map is better for turbo because they handel the increased air flow better you can still leave in your stock sensor but you shouldnt boost it as much.
if its the 3SGE engine you will blow heads (amont other things) like carzy.. the if you are trying to convert a 3SGE into a 3SGTE it wouldnt happen the parts are not the same.. and you will save more if you just buy the 3SGTE
hey, he could....

exhaust manifold... turbo piping, intercoole r piping, 3sgte turbo, 3sgte ecu, downpipe, lower compression pistons... or forged 9-10:1 compression pistons with spacer to cause lower compression (thus forged low compress pistons).

but in short, just buy the new engine... sorry to say it, reasearch before you spend lots of mula
I thought 92 Celica GTs had a 5s-fe ... Only the 86 to 88 was offered with a 3s-ge, here state side...
you are correct sir. 1989 was the last year that the 3sge was offered stateside in any car as far as i know. 90s and up all had the 5s in gt and gts trim, 4a in st trim
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