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Turbo selection

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ok guys ive finally got some money saved up and i was just wondering wat turbo i should choose for my 1mzfe turbo setup... found this website who sells turbos on ebay and is apparently a company in florida...and i was browsing there turbo selection and im interested in there T66 there GT45(which im not sure if i need or not) and there GT30R all these are less than $ only trying to reach about 250- 300hp for now and then eventually try and get about 400 or 450 whp...i already have the manifolds and all mechanical stuff under way but im just trying to decide which turbo would be best...thanks for the help
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what about CT26??? you should be able to do between 250-300hp with that.
ya i know i considered that turbo first hand but idano when ever i end up wanting to go with a bigger more powerful turbo then i have to buy a completely new just lookin for a turbo that will get me to about 250-300whp and then later be able to bump it up to 400-450whp after i complete the engine rebuild with all the goodies
I well if you have the manifold already you are limited by what turbo will bolt up to it.. research each of those turbos and see how big each side is...

smaller turbine side = faster spool

larger compresser side = more psi/horsepower
i dont have the manifolds flange on yet im waiting to decide which turbo would be best suited for my position... so i dont have the manifold done thinkin either the t66 or the gt30r cause i think that the gt45 is to big but im not familiar with the gt series turbo so im not sure...
Slow-yota said:
I well if you have the manifold already you are limited by what turbo will bolt up to it.. research each of those turbos and see how big each side is...

smaller turbine side = faster spool

larger compresser side = more psi/horsepower
Not necessarily.
I'm not going to write a novel to explain it, but Turbine A/R is a huge factor on spool up time vs flow rating. Also, it has to be matched by a reasonably sized Compressor with a comperable A/R as well.

Getting a hybrid with a super small Turbine and a Large Compressor is going to decrease volumetric (and heat) efficiency, and leave you with nothing but a waste of time and money.

If you DO want the novel explanation, I can copy & paste it from a more technical car forum.

Where are you getting your manifold from?
im having them custom made at an exhaust shop in oklahoma and then im goin to get my liscence for welding and start to weld my own later on in the future....but ya so does anyone know which turbo i should choose??? i have the money on hand and this is frustrating thanks for any info..
i think if your going to want 300-450 a gt30r would be good.
dude a T3/T04e would be great for putting down around 300-350 hp and down the road even 4-450. Does this shop normally make manifolds? And from experience.... welding headers/manifolds is extremely hard. Not only do you have to weld and bring everything together on the outside, the inside has to flow well also. Take some time and really learn about turbo setups (Im not saying you dont) But its one of those things that once you start, you never really finish. Its an expeisnve hobby for sure.
zoni your pretty good with this stuff wat would u recommend? thanks for any info and how is the turbo kit coming???
I am really skeptical on the "manifolds"...

I have yet to see any fabricator being able to fabricate a fully one-off custom manifold(s) without having the actual turbocharger unit itself. Without the turbo unit, how would measurements be made?

So WickedLexus96, you have the manifolds made but without the flange, yet you haven't decided on a turbo yet. Am I missing something?

If you have the money, you can't go wrong with GT-series turbos. GT series turbos have a much more useable compressor and turbine maps and would allow a larger margin of error in case you end up oversizing or undersizing a turbo for your specific engine.

I would go with a GT30R. Unless you plan on breaking into single digits in the 1/4mile, I don't see why anyone would want a GT45R on a street engine with toothpick internals...ROFL
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thanks man that was actually helpful...sry i confused everyone i dont have the manifolds made yet but my exhaust shop is waiting for me to pick wat turbo i wanna use...but ya i will prolly go with the gt30r cause that is wat everybody says will suit my setup...thanks guys and im eventually goin to buy another motor and build it up to hold the power that i want...thnks for all the info.
the gt30r would be my pick out of the options, but you could go so many different ways with different goals... i'd say to start with a medium sized turbo, then in the future upgrade to a larger turbo. dont go for a big turbo and think that you can run it on a lower duty for lower power goals, and then go nuts once you are ready.... size the turbo for your goal.

im not too good with this stuff, i just try to get all the info i can and make the best choice with what i know. you should look into what cars are using with a similar sized engine and the same power goals... when i was doing all my decisions like this, i was mostly looking at mk3 and mk4 supras which have done a NA-T conversion. since they start with a 3.0L motor with a higher compression just like we have, it is a fairly good comparison. you will find the CT-26 good around the 200-260hp range. maybe up to 12 psi MAX on that turbo. i mean, thats where tony started and thats where most mk3 NA-t guys go. if you look at the mk4 supras with the 2JZ-GE, their internals are a little better than ours, but for the most part, they are good to compare. see what some of those guys did for mods, and research if that kind of stuff would be feasible for you to do.

knowledge is power my friend... look around and learn all you can.
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