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Turbo-Throttle b. replace piping

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Where or who sell aftermarket turbo piping(from turbo to IC toT/ Body) for a good pice and great performance?
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Why? The ends would have to be sized to fit the IC and turbo anyways.... so a larger diameter wouldn't do much. Whats wrong with the stock ones? Or are they just dirty like mine?
ishcoleobo, have you looked at the OEM pipe going from the IC to the TB? ... that thing has an awful shape to it.

MisteR2turboO, I Would just recommend getting an upgraded intercooler, it will come with new pipes.
I vote for the GReddy or the Spearco.
^ Hahaha.... very true. But on stock turbo and ic... I don't think the difference would be much. And with an aftermarket one... you should get all new pipes for it to mount up right? I don't think there are any IC's that hook up to the stock pipes?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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