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hey guys i finaly finished rebuilding my 4agze . i did everything for it to handle more boost !!! now am looking to buy a turbo . am gonna spend 1500$ for a turbo and i want to do it right ! i dont feel like swaping turbo every 3 months . so here's my goals i want to use it a street car and sometimes to go to the track 350whp and up . i had in mind a couple of turbo. PS: i dont want a stupid lag 6k if possible under 5k . i had the gt2871r, gt2860r or t3t/t04e 57 trim or i even seen a gt3582r ( i dont know the lag on that but yeah)

List of mods:
4agze 2 gen
Head Work
Crower 270/270 Camshaft
Hks valves springs
Hks cam gears
APR Headbolts
Hks head gasket 1.6mm

Bottom end
Arias 82mm forged pistons
spool Forged rods
Acl Bearings

Clucht stage 3
short shifter TRD
LSD (stock)
Megasquirt v3.0
Aem wideband
Greddy boost gauges
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