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turbo upgrade w/stock fuel system

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does anyone know if the stock fuel system on a 87supra turbo can meet the requirements of an upgraded turbo (ct26 stage1).

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Just the turbo? Yes. Up to fuel cut boost pressures, everything will still work fine. Beyond that, no it won't.
the hell is "stage 1" ;)
some refer to it as a 54-57 trim upgrade. Some other shops refer to that when speaking of a t04 50trim compressor on a custom CT-26 format exhaust housing to allow it to bolt to the factory manifold. Either or, it's a hybrid. Peeps been doing it for years...not perfect, or even right depending on the dealer, but affordable.

thanks for the input. my turbo needs a new cartridge, and i was thinking about upgrading since it will only cost $100 more than just a stock rebuild.
i figure the extra flow will give me a little more to work with, and not a great cost if done now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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