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two questions to tc owners

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Hey whatsup,

I got my tc last friday and am very happy with it. I just had two questions that i wanted feedback on. First, should I wax the car now? Some people have told me to apply multiple coats of wax now while others have told me that I need to wait for six months or it'll ruin the paint. Second, to other tc owners, when you accelerate, does your car make a noticeable high pitched sound? Mine does and I wanted to know if it was normal.
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My tC is still on order, but I will try to answer your questions anyways.

You should wax your car now. The paint should be cured before it leaves the factory. And unless your dealer waxed your car, It probably does not have any wax on it yet. Wash your car in Dawn before you wax it to make sure you have a good clean base to but your layers of wax on.

As for the high-pitched noise, can you be more specific? Is it the engine running at high RPMs? Is is a whsitle type sound? Where is it coming from?
I would....

I got mine last week and put 2 coats on w/in 2 days.....for how cheap the paint is now-adays the more protection the better in my opinion.

Also, you cant drive around the tC without a glowing shine!!! :lol:
Is your model the cent. supercharged one because that will make a higher pitched sound!
^ I don't think the SC comes in until November.
Hey guyz,

Thanks for your responses. I have already logged about 350 miles on my tc and am trying to break it in before driving it some time in the next couple of weeks to chicago for school. Tomorrow morning, i'll clean it and hopefully apply 3 coats of wax.
I talked to a friend about the high pitched sound that comes when I accelerate and he said that it was probably normal. It appears that the sound is coming from somewhere around the engine and it happens mostly when i'm accelerating slowly to moderately. My friend said that he has heard it before in other four cylinder cars and he explained something about the high power to rpm ratio. Oh well, i dont really know what he said. But the sounds isnt very loud, just loud enough to hear when i roll down the windows and turn off the radio.
alright well, i'm looking forward to seeing other tcs on the road soon and i hope you guyz enjoy them as much as i have. peace.

The whine you hear COULD be the VVT kicking in ... what RPM do you hear that sound at? Is it only when accelerating or both accel and decel?
I wouldnt worry about it too much (the whistle), In my car at low rpms I have sort of winding then it goes away at higher rpms. Plus your car is still an inphant per say.

VVT in Toyotas seems to be more of a constant Variable Valve Timming unlike the Gt-S which starts roaring at 5,000rpms. I only noticed because my girl once owned a GT-S then traded ot for a new MR2 although the GT-s with VVTl-i (Lift with Intelligence) I didnt like because similar to Vtec you have to wait close to the end of the shift to fully feel it kickin while in VVT its power thats always being generated to the wheels. But whenVVTl-i does kick up its AWESOME!!
I've heard 2 weeks for the paint before you wax, but you gotta figure it took longer than that between shipping it and you getting it :)
when i got my car painted, i was told not to wax it for at least 3 months to give the car plenty of time to cure and set. and my car had a baked on clear coat.

your clear coat will give it plenty of protection. i wouldnt worry about waxing it till fall, then do it to protect from leaves and stuff.

they also told me that it wasnt necessary, so i didnt till about 9months after i got it painted. still looks fresh, so id wait if i were you.

i have heard about a sqealing issue with the tC, something about the moonroof not being sealed right, talk to the dealer, and search this forum, i believe it was mentioned fairly recently.
that sound is most likely normal as some have said. VVT and Vtec engines (from what i've driven and experienced) both make a sound something like that.

The first time I drove a Vtec (240hp) it got a 'wow' out of me. If you accelerate and hold steady the gas pedal (not flooring), at around 3500rpm, the car will give itself a boost, without you pushing down the pedal further. speed and rpm will shoot itself up.

it was fun :)
that high-pitched sound u're talking about, i just heard that yesterday when i was driving the camry (same 2az engine) it's kinda like an electronic whirring, right? yeah, taht was bothering me too, but i would guess it's normal.

as for wax, i've heard both sides, really i don't think it's necessary, but i don't think it'll hurt either.
Wax it now.. I did mine the same day I got it.
The reason some say 'Wait to wax' just after painting is because the paint is still hardening when its done via local shops or DIY.(because we use chemical hardeners not baking.)

When car Manufactuers paint cars it is 'baked' and cured hard right away. I notice this paint is quite thin, even the enamels... so wax it!! please.

note: there is no 'clear coat' on my white tC and even if it did, why wait?
I read somewhere and heard from dealer that waxing takes off a coat of clear paint. So the more you wax, the more coat you take off. Is that true?

on the other hand, I got a brand new camry and want to put more clear coats on it. Should I do it?
its gear whine. I hear it in my 97 camry v6. Honda's gear whine are the most noticeable though.
I just bought my scion and I have the same whistling sound and I think that it is part of the factory intake.....
I am sure that sound is the factory intake... I just bought my tc, i have the same noise but it sounds cool
sound like supercharge right? well if that is normal is just the air get into the ingine went u speed or every time you shift in my case i heard more with a new air intake i just install .......sound's sweet..........................if is not i dont know...sorry
Also, if you have an automatic, make sure you're in drive and not 3rd gear. ;-)
ive noticed the same noise on my tc as well as well. it is consistant when lightly accelerating at any speed. I have seen it in a couple other 4 cyl. cars with timing chains. so it may be related. also a chance it could be air sucking at a certain amount of throttle opening because it is definately controled by how hard you are pressing on the gas, not the speed or gear you are in. at any rate, the techs ive talked to cant place it either, but agree that it is perfectly normal if not kind of cool to hear.
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