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type of oil used....need help

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well i was just reading on another post that a guy used penzoil full synthetic 5w-20 and he said it was bad for his car and it scared me....i used castrol syntec 5w-30 on my car just that good oil for my car???i have 12,000 miles on it...thanks for any input...i'm not big on knowing oils and also i have a gen 5 camry se

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^Yeah, its fine. 5w30 is the standard spec oil that Toyota uses for all of their cars. Personally, I use 10w30 because living in Cali, it doesn't get cold enough here for me to worry about my oil freezing. :lol:
appreciate it white just needed 2 know
lol hey doesnt itsay the type of oil you need to use on ur oil cap? I just didnt look at that or the oil containers before pouring the stuff in. i usually do but either forgot. got lazy or w/e

5w-30 is great for pretty much any and all conditions and as white3ch0c0late said it's what toyota uses for all of their cars. Except for maybe ones sold in alaska and other really cold places.
From what I've read, Castrol Syntec is not a true synthetic, it's a hyrocracked group III, ie a highly refined/chemically altered dino oil (so says bobistheoilguy). Get some readily available Mobil1 in the 5w-30 flavor for winter(<10F) and 10w-30 for summer, it's a true synthetic. blah, blah, blah...If you do 3K mile OCI, just go with a good dino oil, no need for synthetic, unless you see temps of -20F in the winter...synthetic was designed for the extreme cold/hot, IIRC...I will say one thing, I use the Mobil1 synthetic for my 00 Solara SLE 1MZ-FE potential sludgemobile.
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