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This thread has been made so that everyone can read up on previous people's retros, find out what is a retro, and to read up on hids before making questions. This thread is still a work in progress and things will be added. don't be afraid to pm me your retrofit thread or if you have something to add.

If you want to learn more about hids then read up this thread made on hid planet(this is pretty much also the ultimate site for hids so i suggest you register and explore the forums):

and you can also read up on the different articles at this site:

you can also read up about glare, the difference between a hid kit and a true retrofit, and see some debate on these topics in this thread:

Now so you read up on hids and you decided you don't want a kit but instead a retrofit. Many people have done this before and if you have the right tools and some automotive expirence then you can do a retrofit yourself. if not you can pay someone to do it. here are some threads showing the different retrofits our members have made and a link to a thread where one member gives you info on how you can have him make a retrofit for yourself:

My personal thread with lots of info:

here is glenn's tsx retrofit thread:

here is a gen 5 retrofit thread:

here is someone to contact if you want someone to make you a gen 6 tsx retrofit:

here is lammydi's retrofit thread:

here is my good buddy, lngasman's retrofit thread(he is a good person to contact if you have problems or questions):

here is darksparkz retrofit:

even though there is alot of info here, don't be afraid to search to find specifically what you are looking for. some things might have been missed. also don't be afraid to pm me about hids or retrofits.
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