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Underbody clean up

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Got under my car today to do some salt protection to the underbody. Coated everything with a thin coat of grease and tighted up a few bolts here and there. Also noticed that my exhaust is probably going to need replacing sooner then I had hoped but this will give me a chance to upgrade my exhaust system.:D Anyway here are some pics of the underbody and the result of many ohio winters.

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come over and do mine now :D
Is that where the term Grease Monkey came from?

- Your muffler looks fine to me. No holes from what I can see.
- Doesn't the grease just get caked with road dirt debris?
- Should we all be doing this?
Speaking for all the techs out there, id be cursing you if i had to align this car.
I will only leave it like this for the winter, its only to help stop the rust caused by road salt.:D When summer comes around again i will be sure to clean this up, after all I dont want my mechanic pissed at me when he has to do work on my exhaust.:D
Ever tried investing in the electronic rust protection modules? They were available at my local Canadian Tire and I picked one up to try it out. I have this rust spot on my Integra's trunk and every week it gets bigger (on the underside) and I have to clean it and temporarily touch it up to hold it off. Ever since I installed the electronic rust system, the rust spot stayed identical for the past two months now :)

I also noticed that when I wash my car now, the brakes do not have a rust film on it anymore which is neat!

Then I purchased 3 more systems for all my other cars :D
^Thats awsome, how much does one of these modules cost?
Hey Tony how does it work?
is this it: ?
pretty expensive, $300. but if it actually works, not a bad investment.
Looks nice and clean good work!
Rust repair

For those rust spots, there are some products out there to get rid of them. One is called Extend. I'm not sure of other names but there have been some others that work about the same. Clean the spot as good as possible and add the product (a brushed on paste) and it converts the rust to a hard black (plastic) polymer. It can be sanded, drilled, etc. The rust is chemically converted and does not come back.
LE05 said:
is this it: ?
pretty expensive, $300. but if it actually works, not a bad investment.
Yep, that's the one, just different packaging for either SUV's or sedans. They are not cheap at all, even with the Christmas promotion ($100 off), it was still around $199 for one system. I was out a total of $800 for all four units, but really, it was so worth it because all my cars didn't have much rustproofing left anymore (it was all cleaned out for "clean look" and I can lay off the "2-day car washes" that I used to do during the winter.
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