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Uniroyal / Goodyear Tires??

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Anyone have any input regarding Goodyear Tracker 2 tires or Uniroyal Liberator AT tires? I'm looking at getting some 265/75/16s and they had both of these at Wally World.
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I had a set of liberator's on my old 2wd Ranger. Decent, cost effective tire's ($220 for all 4) but I can't say I would get them again.

I had some Uniroyal Tiger Paws on a car. Man those things were great in snow and water!! Haven't tried them recently though since no one sells them around here. I got them at BJ's Wholesale a few years ago since they were cheap, but they worked great.
I'm looking at the Revos, but if these will get me off cheaper with minimal down-sides, I would go with one. I can't find a writeup on either anywhere on the net including Tire Rack.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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