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I need new springs in the back because my stock springs rub against the tires on my 18 inch rims now because the suspension is too soft. I want aftermarket suspension but I spent so much on new struts so I don't want that all to go to waste, but I found these coilover springs in a junkyard and I wanted to know if they would fit. They are on an older model Honda Civic and they have the struts and springs and all and I was wondering if I could have the junkyard workers take it off for me and then I would take it to a mechanic to have them put on. Someone told me lowering springs have to be specifically for your car, but he said coilovers (The adjustable ones) are basically universal and will fit most cars of the same type (for example if it were on a civic, it would fit a similar japanese car such as a corolla). I dont know anything about this so somebody please fill me in and let me know if I can do this. I rolled my fenders and its still rubbing and I don't want to go out and have new soft stock springs put on that will just do the same thing, and plus theres a gap between the tires and the car body in the front, so it would look nicer if I could lower it and eliminate that gap. So let me know if this will work.
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