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universal headers?

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would tercels exhaust ports be the same throughout the years? because i saw that a 94 tercels exhaust manifold was exactly like my 87's, and i cant find any headers for an 87, could i just get a newer years headers?
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No they vary a bit by size, 3E and 3EE is a bit different, they might fit but not so well. U can probably use some other cars header but still it would not fit well, you will run into problems liek backfire and such, headers are tuned for exact firing order and such dont ask how who knows!

U can find some headers on, they should be preaty cheap, call em up, make sure its same header u need, and have them ship it, i had a few parts shiped, most places ship same day, you recieve next day! junkyards are awesome, u can also find something local!
yeah i guessed thats what would happen, this is rediculous, all im trying to do is good hp from a stock engine without swapping it, and its soo hard to find parts, but thanks
didnt have enough money at the time, but i got a loan recently to get an ae86 but the guy sold it, soo now im going to swap it, but im still not sure what i want to do, i got $1200 available, i was thinkin about getting a blacktop 4age, but id be fine with just a 4age, im going to look at some junkyards soon, soo hopefully i can get this all done
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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