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ok guy/girls i talked to Unorthodox about getting us pulleys and a bottom pulley for the s/c

crank pulley /ultra s
• Real HP & torque gains across entire RPM range
• One of the highest HP/Torque per dollar gains on the market
• The broadest range of applications available
• Over 8 years of use in "real world" applications from street to strip to rally to road course
• Better than OEM belt fitment & alignment
• Accessory pulleys available separately for many applications
• CAD designed & CNC'd from 6061 Aluminum billet

Our most popular crank pulleys, the ones everyone is familiar with. This version of our crank pulleys increases performance because they underdrive all the accessories (15-20% more power), unlike accessory only kits out there that do not include the crank pulley. This means one you air conditioning is on our crank pulleys give you more power back to the wheels by not letting the air conditioning compressor rob as much power.

However, we do not push the amount or percentage of under drive too far for two main reasons. First, it is important to keep charging systems, air conditioning, power steering, and water pumps moving fast enough for every day driving. Second, not much horsepower is gained from extreme underdriving. We always keep our underdrive percentage under 20% which is what allows us to maintain factory specified outputs for all your accessories. Our testing has found for most vehicle models you can upgrade your stereo to a system of up to 600 watts (RMS) and not have any charging problems.

For most applications all of the underdriving is done at the crank pulley, not the accessory pulleys. This is done so maximum weight loss can be achieved at the crank where most of the horsepower gains are realized. The Ultra Series underdrive crank pulleys are available in polished aluminum finish.

and the s/c pulley
i was talking to him about and know what i wanted to do right of the bat he was tell me he has done this for other ppl with they same problem with the chance of losing the warranty so its been done with other cars and they have done this.

I have talked to him about the balance of the rotating assembly. he said a majority of the car now days are internally balance now, so it will have no effect on the rotating assembly.

Then he goes to say well to make it worth your wild and mine u will need 40-50 ppl.

And the pulleys to everything u want to make which it:
• Alternator
• Power steering pump
• Water pump
• Crank
• S/C bottom pulley

I really think this will be a great upgrade for are trucks and an even better upgrade for the s/c guys. Not having a SST (special service tool) to change out the pulley. Worrying about losing your warranty. Damaging your pulley putting it on and off.

So if anyone has an way to get to an extra pulley or can get one from a local junk yard it would be great. I will be looking for them to.

I don’t expect someone with a s/c do send a bottom pulley so when I get mine lol I hope lol soon I will be sending it off with the rest.

Again we need 40-50 first then getting the pulleys second.

Thanks guys/girls I hope u think it’s a great idea as much as I do.

And if u have any questions let me know and I will call him to ask

325-400 for a kit
s/c pulley around 200-275
that’s an est. guys without pulley for them to see

this started in but a member pointed it will be good for reg Tacoma’s, Fj, and anything with 4.0l now I don’t know is the s/c pull will work for a Fj because of the difference in the fit kit but maybe some can clear that up

i am mostly on xru but because i am an x-runner but i think u guy/girls would like this to. so i will check back here from time to time and here it the adress to the one on xru

p.s i am not making any money off this i am just trying to get stuff out for are cars so they price i get and the info i get will be straight from them
this is to see if there is 40-50 ppl

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id love a smaller pulley but Im not willing to risk it while Im still under factory warranty. Ive had unorthodox pulleys in the past on my cobra & stealth & they worked great back then when they were a realatively new company. I assume by now their quality has gotten even better. Good idea dude
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