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So firstly, I was doubted from the beginning on everything about this car. So that being said, I have done everything on this car for me and no one else, so if you don't like it, just say so and don't flame on for five pages please. The camry is not built for being turbo'd or any other heavy engine modifications without spending a lot of money on not a whole lot of horsepower, so I did the opposite and just dealt with what I had. I am in awe of the people that do spend the time on it, but I feel that my next project will be a car more worthy of the spool. I am very proud of my car considering its my first time trying fiberglassing, carbon fibering, or painting anything.
Mod list as follows:

Rippmodds Headers, downpipe, etc
Random Technologies High-Flow Cat Converter
Custom Dual Catback System
Arospeed Bomb Mufflers
Nology Hotwires
Weapon-R Intake
Colder Plugs
Oil Cooler

Invader CF Hood
CF Trunk
APR CF Mirrors Mounted on CF Plates
19" Falken and 17" ICW bad weather wheels (19's shown)
The body kit is mix and matched with what I thought would look good, and the rear piece is molded in. I remember the front piece is the Invader style, but I forgot what the sides and rear are.
Sparco Hood Pins (only one installed as of right now, finishing the other one after posting this)
Clear Headlights, Taillights, Turning Signals, and Parking
PpG Viper Red bottom/ PpG Midnight Black top/ PpG Hyper White Pinstripe
Engine Mount Sway Bar
Whiteline Rear Sway Bar
Tokico Shocks/Eibach Springs
SS Brake Lines

Lots of time, work, blood, and effort.
Memphis M Class: 2 12" Subwoofers, 2 8" Subwoofers, Component Set, and 5 1/4 for the rear.
Memphis Power Reference: 1000D amp, 200D 2 channel amp, 150D 2 channel amp.
I am going to leave the pictures to help explain everything and where everything is and yes, those are carbon fiber 8's molded into my kick panels :cool: and yes it is also viper red and midnight black mixture.
Sony Deck
Autometer Cobalt 2 Air/Fuel, Pyrometer, Volt
2 5lbs Nitrous Express Bottles
2 Purge Valves
Currently trying to figure out where to run the purge. I was thinking of running it 2F2F style with one on each side, but still not sure.
CF Console Lid, CF Glove Compartment Lid
The CF Trunk Lid was rhino lined on the inside to help with sound deadening, it has gunmetal sparkles in it and it works 10x better than dynamat.
The sound is amazing. I built the system to cover anything and everything. It's pretty amazing to have the 8's pound at your feet for quick cover while the 12's cover all the deep stuff behind you with help from all other Memphis speakers. I am sure I have forgotten a lot on this car, and you guys will probably spot things that I missed. The stereo in the trunk is almost finished... where the amp rack and nitrous racks meet, there is going to be plexiglass lid and trim around so that you won't see the screws or any other imperfections of where they meet, but my dog pee'd on the plexiglass, so I've got to go get more, but I wanted to post pictures anyways. Hopefully I will have that glass and trim on and it will be a flawless trunk here soon. Tell me what you guys think of it...

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