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Alright guys.
So, for those of you that know what I am talking about, all my fluid levels are fine, and she hasn't smoked since. I'll assume the fuel additive did something to make it do that.

Now, onto more recent affairs. I was at my cousins house this evening.
To get you up to speed, I have RULES for my car, which I think is pretty fair.
1. No Food/eating in my car.
2. No Drinks/drinking in my car.
3. ABSOLUTELY no smoking in my car.
4. No defiling/screwing with/or otherwise being disrespectful to my car.

I think that's a set of rules just about everyone has for their car (At least for a few months until they are tired of enforcing the rules. =s)

Anywhoodles, I went to the back yard of my aunts house to say bye to my aunt while she planted a tree. I went back into the house to say bye to my female cousins, Jessica and Veronica.
Neither were in the house, so I looked around. I decided it didn't matter, since I had to get home and do the lawn before It got dark. I got to my car and Veronica was CRAWLING on my hood. Mind you, this is a 17 year old girl that weighs about 160 lbs. I was pretty joking when I said get off, because I didn't want to get serious. I unlocked my door (While she was still crawling on the hood) and got in. I sat down in my seat, my legs out of the door so I could wave bye before departing, at this time Veronica was getting off of my hood, but being sure she smeared her hands all over the place. She then thrust my door open (It was resting closed on my legs) and she starts pushing buttons on my control panel. I had my doors locked, and she began unlocking them. I locked them again, as I did not want her to get in my car to waste my time, and she keeps pushing the button until the drivers side door lock no longer functioned properly. I was agitated at this point, because she was being TOTALLY disrespectful to me and my car. I gave up trying to keep her out and she got in the door behind me. She started pulling my hair and screwing with my head rest adjustment, ect. At this point, Jessica, the oldest (20) was pushing the back of my car from side to side. I started up the car and told them they needed to stop, threatening Veronica that she will have to fix my door, while she told me "I won't do anything like that".
I was finally able to get Veronica out (I put it in drive and rolled a bit, her door was still open) and she ran out. Jessica, all the while, spat all over the back of my car.

Rather long winded, so I'll get to the point.
Being fellow car enthusiasts, and hopefully able to understand my plight, should I:
A) Bar them from my car for as long as I wish,
B) Bar them from my car for a few weeks, and make them clean my car two times, once for the spit, and once for the crawling, or
C) Make no punishment.

And a side note, Jessica was sitting and crawling on my hood the day before today, and left key marks on it. I was able to remove them. She's just lucky she didn't dent it, as she is rather large.

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Haha that's a funny story. You're lucky she didn't dent your hood like my stupid roommate did. I told him to fix the dent or buy me a new hood. Anywho, I'd be extremely pissed and just make sure they're never around the car. BTW, you have some weird/annoying cousins.:lol:

Yeah who the hell spits on your car?


Just go with a straight pipe next time and scare the shit out of them :naughty:
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