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Update Gen 3

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Update Gen 3***

first one is from my cam on my phone

And i know i know what your going to say about the black on the sides but I actually like it, it makes it look different from the rest of the body kits
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where did you get your kit from...and where was it installed and a place called auto works here in mount juliet tennesee
its looks great by the way...looks good in white
thank you ill have better pics in a few when my friend brings them over here
Wow, you were right on that kit. It looks great in white!
white cars aren't my taste but it looks clean man... well done
Lookin' good. Mt. Juliet.... isn't that near Nashville?
woo hoo.. more TN people! I live in Nashville too :)
my title is offical TN dude..............ummm.... lollll i guess i can deal with that
how was fitment for your kit? did the shop have to do any modifications to get that thing on there?
yea they did alot but they said that it happends with alot of kits and the black on the side is the under part of my car and the only thing they could do about it was shave it off and mold the side skirts to my car which was going to cost alot of money and i was in FL at the time and my dad just told them to leave it like that and i had planned to put it back in and get it fixed but then when i got back home and looked i really kinda liked it so yea i left it and if you look at my turn signals they arent the 96 ones and they arent the 92 ones they r in between? they took my 1992 and put the front part in and cut the back and made them fit i think that looks pretty good too! the only thing that im not happy with is there is a run in my clear coat and they told me to dring it bakc this week and they would fix it they side it would b very easy to fix
^ gotta use some punctuation in that...I nearly died trying to read it. :eek::

your car looks clean...nice in white :cool:
xXjamesXx said:
my title is offical TN dude..............ummm.... lollll i guess i can deal with that
You can change that to something a little more personalized now that it doesen't say noob. Car looks good!
xXjamesXx said:
haha where at??
Live in Dickson. Work in H'Ville.
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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