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Update i Finally got my Rims take a look

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I finally got my rims they are Volks 57s-pro 18x8 wrapped in nittos 225-40-18.They forgot to send them the caps so i will be getting them by this weekend.GO to to see the pics.I also purchased some Headers by Rippmodds in the GB so whenever i get those in they will be installed.
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Looks good... aside.. why did you take off your weapon R in the first place? Emission probs?
that is definiately some nice quality wheels... looking good man, congrats on the buy

volks = :clap:
looks tight man...definitly better then the other ones
^ :werd:

and lovin' that rear lip too.... ;)
wow car looks hot!!! i like the back end:smokin:
nice mate. looks like a GEN 4 camry from the side view :)
the rims are ok but ahhh that wing ... not my style :)
Your car

Did you happen to buy your car from Shawn down in South Carolina? You car interior looks just like his. Jon.
awesome rims...but you're mising one lug-nut in the close-up pic, lol.
Shawn actually told me how to do my interior.I always wanted blue/white interier and when i saw Shawns he gave me some tips on how to do it.What was really funny was that i had the Niche Bellas on my camry at that time and Shawn had the same rims when he first started to mod his car back in the day.

As for the lug nut the stud got stripped and i have to change
That is sick-looking car you've got. :eek:
Props to a Job well done.
Nice Job!.. btw.. how much did it cost to do your interior?.. i kinda want mine done similar to that (red & white)
nice rims... i am hopefully going to get rims soon... but my sterio just got stolen :( so maby when i get my insurance stuff sorted out
I did the interior with a friend.I got the seats done by a shop eveything else was me and my friend which lasted about 2 weeks.
Camryracer i too had my stereo stolen before and i know what your going thru.Hope your insursance helps you out.
Thanks for the compliments guys.
wow, that looks nice. much better than your old set of rims =)
Like 50x better than those other rims you had on there, good work. :)
very nice man - we gots the same kits :)
nice, whats the offset on those wheels?
really nice looking camry, kind of like mine :D super white represent

I really like your trunk shaved, Im going for that soon... tint is nice too, very clean kit... good looking car bro:thumbup:
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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