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07 White Camry LE
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Ya I would, this give me an idea of how a white rim would look on my car.
So in the future I may shop for white rims.
you can also get a rim that you like and have it painted/powder coated white.

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Ya, that is a good idea :D
Might do that soon. When I do, I will for sure post pic.
Thanks for all the compliment guys.
Actually even after drove it for 2 years, it still put a smile on my face everytime I drive it.
Hey Ryu, please check this thread out and see if you can give some advice :)

looks good... too bad we don't get that model in the states
very nice!!!! :eek:

yeah, sucks that we dont have the 4-door liftback model... :disappoin
As a rebuttal, we in Canada don't get the Scion brand. So not getting the 4-dr Yaris hatchback isn't as bad as not getting any of the Scion cars :lol::disappoin I would so rock an xB (1st gen preferred but don't mind the 2nd gen) :D
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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