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updates on the tercel, if ne1 cares!!!

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well heres some updates guyz

got my front bumper on, still need to fiberglass it in, but its on... i also recently bought :
d.r. underdrive pulley for the car
kyb shock and struts
dropzone springs
t25 turbo
custom manifold and downpipe
eclispe side mount intercooler
upgraded injectors (295cc????)
oil relocation kit
96 paseo cluster
and someother little things for the car. im still shopping around for a greddy emanage system, an external wastegate, and a bov. other than that i should be set... im gonna trey to get the turbo altogether b4 nopi national in atlanta, and me an like 3 other peps are gonna drive down... so ne ways thats the update and heres a pic of the front bumper if ne one cares... its still not all molded in and stuff so i kinda looks like crap in the pics. also if u are wondering, i left the bumper wide on each side because im gonna eventually doa wide body kit , i think it will look better that way

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Looking pimp so far deftones.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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