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Upgrade Brakes

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Hello, My wife has an 04 highlander with 50K in need of new brakes/rotors. Does anyone have any experience with upgrade parts (brembo, EBC or other). Any info would be appreciated as the stock rotors and pads are very weak.

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I just replaced my brakes on my Maxima for the second time. First time, I went with Brembo blank rotors and generic pads. No good. Brembo high performance rotors are the benchmark of quality, but also seriously expensive. A middle priced good choice would be HAWK HPS brake pads, and POWER SLOT slotted rotors. Great quality. If you replace your front rotors, Id advise you to have the rear rotors cut if you don't replace them also. Remember to flush and refill the brake fluid also for best results. I get most of my auto parts at great site never had any problems.
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