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Upgrading My 'rolla

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Hey everyone. My 98 corolla is completely stock and i have been wondering about upgrades.
First: Can i keep stock deck and slowly replace parts or do i have to buy a new deck first or:
2nd: Can i replace deck then slowly put in new speakers
3rd: What cheap parts do you recomend
thanks(quality to price ratio)
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Probably the best route is to replace the stock head unit. Aftermarket head units provide more clean power for your speakers. It'll make your system sound 10X better. Lately I've seen a couple headunits on for under $100 and they'll give you a free wiring harness along with illustrated instructions on how to remove your radio and speakers.
if you want to put a sub in at all, you will need a new head unit. its a good idea/investment anyways because it will be the biggest improvement in clarity most likely
but i can leave the stock speakers in for now and replace them later yes?
yes, theres no problem with that as long as you dont overpower them somehow(unlikely) and they currently work
yeah i dont want loud i just need a better radio. also the buttons are all fucked up like the presets. Would a new deck improve sound quality greatly. Also, what decks do you guys recomend. Im kinda low on funds and want something good but cheap

also how much wattage should i look for
basically with car audio(goes for most things) you get what you pay for so be careful.

if you can spend about 130-150, i was told the Pioneer DEH P3600 is a good buy.

the quality change depends on your stock system. i had the high end audio in my 93 camry and when i got my kenwood deck installed i noticed a higher quality in sound, especially at higher volumes.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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