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Urd Tcai

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Intake is about eight months old, and is in excellent condition. It has worked great for me the entire time I have had it. I am selling it because I have no more speed aspirations for my truck. I really want the truck to last, so I have no need for the intake anymore, and the extra cash would be nice.

Anyway, It comes with everything needed for install, except the six wires needed to extend the MAF harness. You can get these wires just about anywhere, for fairly cheap. My MAF harness is to tied up, and I do not feel like cutting and re-soldering everything. The piping is powdercoated black, and it comes with the Amsoil supplied filter. I just used a recharge kit on the filter about 2-3 weeks ago, so it is fairly clean. I will include what is left of the recharge kit with it, if you want to clean it again.

Asking $200 shipped, or $180 local pickup.

I will be posting another thread later on, but look for a set of DTLTs, with a free URD O2 Sim, for $350 + shipping.
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