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Hi Everyone,

I recently (3 days back)bought my 1995 Camry with 90K miles on it. I have few questions on it if you guys can really help me on it.

(1) Do I need to replace time Belt , it has not been changed yet
(2) I had problem with Engine Check light & when i asked toyota dealer they diagonised the problem as EGM Modulator replacement. It will cost me 250 USD for parts +labor + Diagnosis of this problem. Is it worth going for ? Dealer can not guarantee about the solution of the problem.. Previous owner says that Engine check light comes when you put regular unleaded gas. Do i need to put costly gas ? Is there anyway I can diagonize the problem my self rather than believing what dealers say?

(3) When i asked dealer to check that engine check light, they recommended me for Oil Leak problem repair. I never knew about that Oil Leak problem when I bought car. Even previous owner is not aware of that problem.. Previous owner says , they spill some oil while doing oil change so it stays there for 1-2 weeks. I just got this car 3 days back, so wondering is she right? How much does it cost generally for Oil Leak problem repaired? Dealer says 480 USD , it sound like a lot, is n't it? Can I run the car without fixing it? Does it affect later?

(4) (South Bay Toyota,Gardena,CA) Dealer gave me suggestion to replace front shock which may cost me 900 USD with parts & labor. Do this Toyota dealers try to ripp you off or are they genuine? I am kind of new to this car market, please help me guys...

Thanks in advance..... Any help will be appreciated...
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