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Urgent Help With Gauges!

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alright guys, working on the gauges.... need some help. Everything is in and good but my 15 amp fuse for the tail lights keeps blowing. If i use a 20 amp fuse, my cluster smokes. what gives? what do i do? i need this car working tonight! help a guy out please! We spliced the gauges into the harness for the running lights, if that matters.
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You def have a wiring problem there.

I am running my reverse on the 15 amp now for 2 months.

Back your changes out, no way to tell what happened from here but it does sound like you have your cluster shorted.
wow.. maybe your somehow created a short to ground. never use a higer amp then what is stated because you can start a fire. As for your questions about the gauge i dunno about that yet.
Which generation do you have?

(people should really post this when they ask specific questions, it will save time)

I didnt go through the parking lights for my gauges. I tapped into the solid green wire for my power (last pin on the brown connector on the back of the cluster) and grounded on the bolt directly behind the cluster. Did you first test the gauges out of the cluster on your battery?.

- Paul
alright, heres the deal now. the gauges glow beautifly and work fine and so does my head unit. Now my running lights dont work, the speedo does not work (thats because of a snagging problem i think) and a lot of my interior lights dont work (i.e. the gear lights next to the shifter, all of the heater controls, the odometer, etc) when we put in a new 15 a fuse for the running and tail lights they work for like two seconds and the fuse blows. this time we wired the gauges to the cig lighter because it was not working with the running lights, but the fuses still blow. I have no clue what to do, but ive been at it for ten hours and im going to sleep. were gonna look at it tomorrow. now that i know where some other people have spliced theres in maybe we can make it work.

oh and its a 94, usually state that guess i forgot or thought everyone knew.
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When we put my alarm in we hooked it up to the lead wire that links with your headlight/taillight flasher. That way when you turn on your headlights the gauges go on to.
any more ideas? im gonna be gone all day at the IRL race but we are going to be working on this again tonight, its probably gonna be a late one. I really apreciate the help.
I wired my gauges to my parking light fuse with no problems. Make sure you don't have the power and ground wires switched in the wrong places. The headlight fuse is under the hood. Check all of you fuses. You may have blown more than one. where did you ground them?
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