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URGENT! How high should camry Clutch engage?

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After months of research, I set my eyes on a 96 Camry Manual as my college commute car. The car's in pretty good condition and the price is right.

BUT! Why is this clutch engaging so up high? the owner claims that the clutch is replaced a couple of years ago at Toyota dealer, with less than 20k on them.

Where should a normal Camry Clutch engage? This one feels like it's starting to grab about 2/3 of the way up, leaving only about 1 - 1.5 inch of travel. Although, it doesn't seem to be slipping at all, and the action is smooth.

I remember my Mr2 clutch used to engage way up high, the corolla was much better ( still high compared to hondas and nissans )

So, People with Manaul Camrys, 92- 96 ( 3rd Gen, I believe ) where do your clutches engage? should it be really that high? ( Stock, or OEM type Clutch, from dealer )

THank you thank you thank you!
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the more it wears, the lower the closed point will be, usually when you change a clutch with hyralics, it is kinda high, then it moves lower where it usually stays, if it doesnt slip dont mess with it
oh well, I bought the car yesterday, and this morning, it started to slip... either she lied, or her driving style was BADDD! and ya.. the car's from San Francisco.

I'm changing it. And about flywheel, since the car's been driven in san francisco, I think the flywheel is most likely scored, so, I can either resurface it, or buy a new one.

How much does a new OEM flywheel run? and, people out there who's done this: Do I need to have any work done on a new flywheel? or they come out of a dealer all ready to go?
if it's new it should be ready to go
pull out the starter and see if oil is all over it
I bought the rear engine seal just in case.
Tomorrow afternoon the transmission is coming off, hope everything goes well.
Has anyone done a clutch job on a Gen3 before? Although I have the toyota shop manual, is there anything I should watch out for?

My clutch has a mind of it's own, i tried too many things, like changing master cylinder twice. Some times it'll be perfect and high like it's supposed to be, then after driving around in traffic or something it goes down and it's annoying, it barely gives any space to match the revs. Why does this happpen? I know the clutch is good because it never slips, i changed the clutch 2.5 yrs ago. I need it to be high up like it's supposed to be, 24/7. Once, a mechanic made an adjustment and it was perfect for 1 week, then it started becoming low. Sometimes like only an inch from the floor when it engages, but no slipping.
when i got my new spec stage III in the camry - it engaged higher... i believe that is just a setting you where you want the clutch height to be, and any expirenced shop will know this when they instal your clutch

if you are doing it, the toyota shop manual should be fine, i wasn't there when my engine guy did the instal, but it went alright, and the clutch engaging a little earlier was nice, for quicker shifts, and with the aggressive clutch, getting going :)
I had teh dealer replace my clutch just after I purchased my 3rd Gen. I gave them shit for selling me a used car with a worn clutch, and they replaced it for 50% off.

It engages high, but does not slip!
Gen 4 clutch engaging too high also

I have a 00 Camry. Had it for 6 years. 18 months ago had to have the clutch replaced~about 130k miles, it was slipping badly. Figured it might be time. Right after the replacement it engaged nice and low for about a month and then it worked it's way back up so it engages almost at the top. I haven't changed the way I've been driving it, but now it even slips every once in a while.

I figure either the shop didn't fix it right or there is some sort of adjustment for the clutch. I recently took it in for a state mandated safety inspection and they said there is no adjustment for this clutch b/c it's hydraulic and that I will need a new clutch.

Anyone have ideas about what's really going on? THanks.
If it engages as soon as you put your foot on the pedal it's probably gonna need replacing soon. Maybe the chick really did replace it a few years ago, but San Francisco together with an inexperienced manual tranny driver could be tough on a car.
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