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Thought I'd peek at what the Tacoma's gas mileage figures are in Canada vs. US. Both use similar testing methods in city and slow highway speeds avgeraging less than 50 mph.

Keep in mind 1 gallon in Canada is a larger imperial gallon.
1 gal US is .832 Imp gal
1 Imp gal is 1.201 US gal

Here the calculation...

V6 4x4 6spd manual

Using US EPA testing figures
16 city US gal = 19.2 Imp
20 Highway US = 24 Imp

CDN Gov testing figures
19 city Imp gal = 15.8 US gal
26 highway Imp = 21.6 US gal

V6 4x4 5spd Auto
Using US EPA testing figures

17 city US gal = 20.4 Imp
21 Highway US = 25.2 Imp

CDN Gov testing figures
21 city Imp gal = 17.5 US gal
28 highway Imp = 23.3 US gal

So the net of it is both come up with close figures as far as city driving. Highway mileage is better under the CDN figures. Real world? most likely the US numbers are a better represenation at least on highway. With my 6spd, I usually get 20 highway like US number but my best tank ever was the CDN highway figure of 21.6. So it is attainable... although not till summer, mileage is less in winter no matter...
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