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USB drive for audio - what's the secret to making it work right?

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Entune 3.0.
When I'm driving I use my own music files and listen to college history lectures, etc. arranged into 4 folders on an 8 gb usb 2.0.
It worked fine in the Boss radio/player I was using before I got this car.

With this Entune system this has been a hassle with Entune skipping through files for 10 or 15 seconds before settling on a file to play which is often outside the folder I intended to play from.

Any advice on how to make this thing work right?

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I'll answer my own post in case other people are trying to use a usb drive to play audio files.
Tags seem to be how Entune manages audio files.
The files need to be in folders, but the files need to be tagged - I used "album" and created folders:
CW all files in it w/ CW album tag.
Pops1 through Pops4 with album tags Pops1, Pops2, etc.

Previously, I had used folders but with untagged audio files, and it was a mess in Entune 3. Likewise, when I tried untagged files with no folders, it was a mess.

So how do you assign tags? I used "EasyTag". It's free software in Linux and probably in Windows, also. It might make things simpler to delete all existing tags, then put your own tag designation into the relevant field, but your own preferences might be different.

I came across the following in a march 2016 post in a Tacoma forum, for whatever version of Entune he was referencing:

• Maximum directory hierarchy: 8 levels
• Maximum number of folders in a device: 3000 (including the root)
• Maximum number of files in a device: 9999
• Maximum number of files per folder: 255
Plays MP3, WMA and AAC files only (?)

I put no more than 200 audio files in my CW, Pops1....4 folders, and it seems to work ok.

Good luck and any additional info would be welcome.
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So I can't just copy audio files to a thumb drive?
Would files on an Apple formatted drive, containing something in the "Get-Info" file, count as "tags?"
What exactly is the file format specification for a "tag"anyway?
will Entunes recognize any audio file format or only the low quality MP3 ?
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