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Used '05 4Runner Checklist

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I am currently shopping for an '05 4Runner. I believe I have found a very good match at a great price and it is being sold privately. I am wondering if anyone has a solid checklist that I should make sure my mechanic takes a look at before I pull the trigger. Thanks!
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'03 SE V6 here - Only trouble areas (and they are infrequent and might not apply to 05 up) are - sunroof mechanism, brake calipers (pistons freezing from rust), brake rotor warping, clear coat deterioration on hood, cosmetic alloy wheel corrosion (SE mainly), and XRES shocks leaking (SE and Limited).
Thanks for the help, I brought a mechanic with me to see the vehicle and he had the same concerns about the front calipers. Front and rear brakes need to be replaced, front calipers were "iffy" (unknown because we couldn't take the tires off), other than that the car was fine. The car will need, right off the bat, $500 in brakes and possibly another $500 for the calipers. I am going to try to get the seller to meet me half way.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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