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used alternator has different wiring harness, same otherwise???

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I just pulled a used alternator off a 92 AWD previa to put on my 94 2wd. When i was previously pricing them, parts places only asked if it was SC or not. So i figured the SC'd one had a different alternator. So the 92 in the scrap yard obviously had no SC so I thought it would be fine. It did however have AWD and mine does not.

Anyways, the alternators appear to be identical, other than the wiring harness. Mine has a round electrical plug in the back, and the one i just got has a more flat oval type plug in the back.

I was thinking about going back to the scrap yard to cut the wires off, and splice them into my van, then it will plug into the alternator perfect.

But could there be any other differences??? Maybe they put a different harness on so you don't install the wrong alternator. Or maybe they just changed it for fun between 92 and 94???

Can anybody tell me if these are the same other than the harness???

Thanks alot for any info, i really want to get this job finished as i currently don't have anything installed!
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