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used jap a/t,s =

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anyone having luck with the imported used,low milage japanese automatic transmissions?i have a 1994 geo prizm,165,000 miles,a/t 3 speed. differential worn out because of leak by c/v,s. anyone knoiw if you can repair easily or do you replace entire assembly,a/t,etc. thanks for any advice.
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Don't bother importing the tranny. It's the same as the USDM far as I know. Just get a 4 speed from a junk yard out of a Corolla (someone correct me if I'm wrong), but far as I know, it bolts right up (will have to change the shifter too?)

Otherwise get a 3spd from a Corolla base model or a Prizm.
I'm thinking that is what's in the one I have. Records are sketchy but I know it's a "Used" transmission with 30,000 mi on it so I figure it was a JDM. No great shakes to it in fact it seems a little sloppy but I have to adjust the passing gear cable, the mechanic that worked on this car previously seemed to be a real piece of work himself and didn't seem to do the complete job.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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