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Using way too much oil

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Has anyone had a problem with their 2001 using a lot more oil than a little car should?

My car goes through oil at about 2 quarts every 3000 miles and I'm not seeing any leaks or smoke from the tail pipe. A friend in the car business tells me that Toyota has had this issue with 2000 and 2001 Corollas-something about the way the rings are not working properly- but took care of the problems by making a change to the owner's manual- upping the "normal" amount of oil consumed.

Any similar experiences?

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Do a search here and you will see others with the same problem.
So far I have not read of anyone finding a way to fix it.
My 2001 burns no oil.
My '99 burns oil. No smoke, no leaks I can find.

Like Chris said, you'll find alot of people here with the same problem. My oil light comes on after about 3000-4000km, at which point I refill with a couple litres before doing my oil change.
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