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90 Camry Wagon V6
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pls help me debug why my 90 v6 camry with 113k miles have very little low end torque.
it feels like something is clogged and valve do make a lot of noise. once above 3k rpm the power is decent.

I opened the oil fill plug and it had a LOT of dried crap on it and I could see a little bits on the valve cover, fyi: the valve gaskets leak, waiting for warmer weather to tackle that.

questions gentlemen and women:

1. how much oil is this engine suposed to take for an oil change?
I put in 4 quarts of 10w30 and checked the dip and it was still half quart low

2. should I dump some marvel mystry oil in the oil next time bofore my oil change to clean the engine? or run some 0w20 or some flushing oil? the oil is clean when I check the dip stick.

3. cleaning the intake - does the 90 v6 intake have a shreder valve on it, that I can use to hook up some 3M intake cleaner and clean it? has anyone done?

4. tranny cooler - is it worth putting a tranny cooler this, can I bypass the rad tranny cooler, if I use an external stack platte cooler?

5. EGR - I got the gasket do i need anything else to clean the egr?

anyone else in western michigan? or in the detroit/novi area?
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