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V6 AWD 2010 Venza with noisy/jittery rear suspension

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I have a 2010 V6 AWD Venza with all the works, bought dec. 23, 2009. the car just reached the 18k km mark.

My car developed overtime a noisy, jittery back suspension. I never had such noise on any of my previous cars (1987 Chevette, 1994 Pathfinder, 2001 Acura TL Type S, a 2005 Mustang Gt and a 2008 Chrysler 300 Limited) .

I saw the TSB regarding squawking suspension, but my problem sounds more that lose suspension linkage noise. It is very apparent on our infamous bad streets over here in Montreal, but also at going in and out of parking lots. I even went as far as emptying the trunk - spare, jack and removing the cover panels, but the noises are still there, even more so with the removal of the floor panels,

I already went to dealer once, to no avail. I had a look under the back, and found a lot of plastic parts held together or to the frame with plastic screws, most of them loose.

Any insight?

Thx, Patrick
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I had a similar problem years ago with a VW Quantum. It turned out the rear tires had developed *cupping*. Complete replacement of the tires cured the noise problem but I got rid of it shortly after.
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