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V6 swap ??

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I have a 1982 Toyota pickup, 2wd. Right now i have a 22R with a stock 4 speed tranny. Would a fuel injected Toyota V6 be a fairly easy swap? How much modification is needed to drop one in and what years are good motors and a good fit?
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It would be a snap if you have a donor truck with that engine.
You'll need the V6 tranny for sure, I don't know about the transfer case. You'll need the entire fuel system from the pump to the injectors, the computer, all the engine wiring harness, engine mounts(I think), the entire emissions control system including charcoal canisters and the like, all the accessories like the alternator, steering pump, and so on.
You'll need some time to figure it all out, make it fit mechanically and splice the wiring harnesses. You'll need more money than you thought, cuz the exhaust is all different, many things will not fit the way you figured, and you'll find lots of little things that are screwed up along the way that you want to change or replace.
l just did a 3.0 to 3.4 swap, and am into it for quite a wad of cash and a lot more time than I originally thought, and those are both V6s with the same block so there was no problem with bolting up to the tranny or the engine mounts.
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