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vacuum switch on water neck...

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where can i get a sensor that has 2 hoses connected to it that's near the water neck on my 95 s-fe? The dealer wants 80 for this.
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Never heard of a water neck. Can you describe roughly where it is on the engine?
He means the coolant outlet housing. The part he is talking about I think is the VSV.

Here's a link to what i think is the part you are looking for. Apparently its called a bimettalic valve. Its relatively cheap too.
all this leads to are mirrors.
Is it either one of these?

First one is the bi-metalic valve, the second one is the vsv.
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The first one's it.
That's the purge valve for the charcoal canister (although, as other posts have stated, for some reason Toyota calls it the "bi-metallic switching valve") -- lets air through once the coolant gets to a certain temperature, no air through when it's colder. OEM part number 90925-05068 . $80 is obscene -- MSRP is roughly $40 (just bought one from my stealership in the last month, and they always charge list, no more, no less). Should be able to find aftermarket for $20 or less...just search for the OEM part number.

If you're feeling lucky, there's a guy on fleabay selling junkyard pulls for pretty cheap (for some reason, he has them listed as a BVSV, which is a different vacuum switch). I wouldn't really recommend a junkyard pull for this part, 'tho -- the plastic gets really brittle after a while. has it for $45.62.....MSRP is $60.82
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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