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Value of my 88 FX with 61,000 mi.

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I'm selling my 88 Corolla FX Liftback, which has only 61,000 mi., so it is hard to figure out what it might be worth, despite research. Any advice? The interior is clean but there are a number of rust spots, including one that goes through and rust inside all the doors. It has AC, power brakes & steering, & AM-FM radio. Some new exhaust parts, a new (used) compressor 2 years ago, and a new starter. But it takes a long time to get up to speed when entering the expressway and on hills, even with the AC off. Could it need new spark plugs? Once it gets up to speed, it will go 65-70 with no problems. Is this something I can sell, even for parts? One owner (me, a middle-aged English prof) and no accidents.
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probably about $500ish...with all that rust...

i could be underplaying the price a bit...

but HEY if you're willing to sell, let me know. i'm in the market, and would love to have one.
is the interior black? if so, would you sell the front seats seperately? if not, it's all good. i just really need those buckets for my project, hehehe.
nooooooo! if she's sellin the car, i want it intact!

actually, i know where you could get parts if you live in the DC metro area(or in PA)
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