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Valve Adjustment

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Hi All,

I have 2000 Camry LE V6 with 123000 Miles. I have just done 120k mile service at Toyota Dealer. They have recommended two preventive service for my car.
1. Valve Adjustment - Cost is $515
2. Power steering fluid flush - Cost is $99
Do you think I need to get my Valve Adjusted?
Can I flush Power Steering Fluid myself? What is the procedure?

I really appreciate help from everyone.

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1. possibly
2. no-unless you do it yourself
yes, there is a thread for gen 3's ('92-98 or so) duno bout 2000
are you hearing any noise fromt hevaletrain. IF not then leave it alone. Like axel said there is a thread on doing the power steering flush yourself on here somewhere. It should be basically the same.

If you dont want to do it yourself I would call around to get some other prices unless you just want the dealer to do it for you. SOme pwoplw want the dealer to do everything and some dont care. Normally you can find a local shop to do it for a little bit less though and still get quality work done.
Thanks Axel/Cyorke.

I don't hear any noise so as you guys said so I will leave Valve Adjustment.
I am searching for P/S Fluid Flush Guidelines.
$515 for a valve adjustment...WOW. Thats alot. Even if the valves needed shims swapped for adjusting (which chances are they dont) that is still very costly. Of course they want to sell you this service, but since theres no noise you'd most likely be paying them $500 bux to slide a feeler gauge to check your valves and not much else.
For that price id do it myself, FOR SURE. On these engines usually they seldom need actual adjustment (as opposed to just checking the clearances). And by the time they would need new shims to fix the adjustment, it'd probly be only after about 300,000 miles and time for a valve job, anyway.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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