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Valve cover gasket... need advice.

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When you had to replace yours, how much did the part (or parts) cost you, and how long did it take you (or your mechanic) to replace it?

According to my mechanic, the part is going to set me back $230, and the labor will be $180. He said it would take him 4 to 5 hours to do..... Does that seem right? I'm not mechanically inclined, so his explanations of "taking this part off", and "going way back there", and whatever really don't stick with me. :hammer:

Cam and crankshaft seals have all been replaced. Oil leak is in the engine. It's not a bad leak, but it's not a "little bitty one" either.

Sorry if this all seems stupid. I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks.
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there are two valve cover gaskets for camry 97 XLE V6, one in front, one in rear, oem parts cost around $20 to $40 for both. rest is all labor. other parts can consider replacing such as intake plenum gasket, throttle body gasket, egr valve gaskets (2x) because those are crush metal gaskets, not ideal for reuse, but they are not that expensive either, like $20 to $30 for all the oem metal gaskets. also good time to do the rear 3 spark plugs while they are all exposed.

front is very easy, 15 minutes job, the rear is a bitch, require to remove throttle body, intake plenum, around 3 or 4 hour easily, but for people who does this on more frequent basis and with proper tools, probably can get the job done in as little as 2 hours.
The V6 front is easy, the rear sucks. I got both gaskets on ebay for like $30 shipped. Toyota OEM. If you are going to do it, get the spark plugs and gaskets changed too while you are at it.
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