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Valve Cover Gaskets -- What else "while I'm in there"???

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Will be undertaking replacement (front and rear) of my valve covers gaskets (both are leaking) -- I am wondering what else is opportunistically convenient and smart to service while I am in there. Knock sensors? Spark plugs were replaced at 100K (it's at 137K currently). Thanks.
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What year, which engine?

If it’s the earlier 3MZ-FE V6, replace the PCV valve and grommet in the rear cover. The knock sensors are under the intake manifold, which would be a deeper dive. There’s also a coolant bypass hose under the manifold that would be good to replace.

If it’s the later 2GR-FE, I don’t know much about that engine.
It is the 2008. That is the 3.5 correct? The later model?
Yeah, according to the wiki article on the Sienna, it got the later V6 in 2007.
If it were mine, I'd replace the spark plugs again while in there. Easy gain of ~40,000 miles before having to do those again.

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