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valve cover painting

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I wanted to paint my valve cover on my 5s-fe. Would there be any reason why i shouldn't do it. I was thinking of spraying it Glossy black. Would removing the cover give me any issues? Has anyone done this? I don't recall seeing anyone on TN mention this but i did see a picture of someone doing it. I've only tooken off the head of a 350 block, would that be the same as any other block? Would i have any issues removing the wires connected to the valve cover as well?
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It's pretty safe, clean it up, mask up the right areas and use a good quality high temp engine paint.

Not that hard to get off, just remember what goes where etc
Replace the valve cover gasket when you take it off.

i imagine you'd want to take the valve cover off, i think it'd be easier to do that than to try and paint it with it on. you'll need a 30 mm socket to take it off.
Oh and 2k paints work well as do some regular spraypaints, doesnt necessarily have to be VHT paint.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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